>It’s April again


We’re half way through April and April doesn’t seem itself. So far, it has been mean to me. April used to be my favourite month, but since the last couple of years, it’s not being nice to me! I am disappointed – this is my birth month and there were times I used to be waiting for April right from May. Good things waited for April to come into my life. I met The Guy in April, for one: it was beautiful.

I used to lie excited and awake in my bed the night before my birthday. I loved the attention then, the waiting for gifts and greeting cards, the new clothes, the cake… Last year I took a complete U-turn and tried hard to wish away my birthday. It was the most depressing April I’ve seen in all my life: I could have dug a hole and gone into hibernation, which was so unlike me, especially me in April!

This one has been better, slightly, but not happy. My birthday is round the corner and I’m trying not to go into PBD – pre-birthday depression, if you know what that is. To avoid disappointment, I’ve given my husband a list of birthday gifts I want and expect and I’m glad that’s something I can look forward to. I’ve also decided what my birthday cake is going to be like: chocolate sponge cake layered with fresh strawberries and fresh cream, covered with another layer of chocolate sponge cake, topped with chocolate icing! Like it?

I intend to be happy this birthday, drunk too if possible and not emotional, if that’s possible at all.

I have already refused a diamond ring and diamond studs and a Waio laptop: I’m trying to keep my expectations low this year as far as gifts go from everyone except my husband. But I’m keen on celebrations everywhere – at work and at home.

Please don’t laugh at me, being happy on my birthday is serious stuff. And I’ve realised if I don’t plan it well, I’m not likely to have any fun. I can’t leave this to anyone else – making preparations for my fun – and I can’t wait for a surprise party that never happens. So here I am, trying my best to make things as peppy and happy as this April allows me to.

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  1. >i know..being happy on ur bday is serious stuff! as we grow up..it becomes real boring and monotonous.. hope u have a great one this yr 🙂

  2. >Listen, dont stress. You’ll have a fabulous birthday. And get the best gifts:) ANd your cake sounds divine, even to a non-chocolate eater like me. And if everything else fails, you did mention getting drunk. SO then, its all set to be a superhit birthday!

  3. >Hey D, Well in the preparation of your bday you have ensured that it becomes difficult for people to reach you 🙂 (hence off orkut now?)Hope you have a great day and succeed to plan each and every birthday of yours with the same enthu :)LoveTina

  4. >Good .. Now I have a reference what to do :). It is surprising that when we are supposed to be happy we tend to break under pressure 🙂 ..Counting the number of wishes, gifts etc etc ..And have a Happy B’day and a great year ahead 🙂

  5. >@Nisha: You’re right. The years take the fun out of birthdays!@Jpb: Lol! So true!@Closetconfessions: Thank you. And you’re welcome :)@Tina: No, not at all! I just thought orkut was getting too boring. Sign up on facebook – it’s fun. And thanks a ton for the birthday wishes :)@Vinod: Thanks 🙂 And you’re so right – we just can’t enjoy the moment, can we?

  6. >@Chandni: I realised this year, planning doesn’t help either. I can have fun – planned and unplanned 364 days of the year; my birthday continues to be an exception!

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