>Gym-type things and D rules

> Gym rules by D:

1. You sweat, you stink. Use a deo, PUHLEEZ!

2. You’re here to exercise and not just your eyeballs.

3. They invented something called a sports bra for a reason. And that reason is your ugly, heaving bosom when you run on the treadmill.

4. Your two-inch heel shoes aren’t meant for the gym. And I’m talking strictly about the boys here.

5. You can talk to me. Just don’t expect me to reply.

6. When you use the change room, please don’t leave your stinky shoes there!

7. Usually, it’s considered better to tie your hair while gymming instead of leaving strands of it strewn on the gym floor, much to everyone else’s disgust.

8. Crotch-hugging track pants DO NOT make you look slimmer. Give them up.

9. There are people who join the gym to gain weight. Stop staring at them, they’re human!

10. Why can’t there be open-air gyms on days with good weather?

(This isn’t a rule, but this is my blog, so.)


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  1. >hehe, i’ve never really been to a gym ever, so i wouldn’t know about all this, but you seem to some out strongly here!i wonder how men will react to some of your comments here, if it were a gym that allowed members of both sexes?

  2. >@Jpb: I keep asking the helper in the gym to spray soom room freshener!@Elusive Butterfly: Grooming, grooming, grooming – India needs so much of it!@Dbum: I thought women-only gyms were a rarity! I guess most gyms are unisex, though they do have some exclusive time for women. As for the remarks about men, well, I think there are more about both men & women!@Vinod: Lol! Yeah, that’s a big rule to follwo once you sign up for a gym membership.

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