>A nameless relationship

>It’s a strange feeling to want to know somebody so bad you don’t care how you do it. When I first met The Guy I went on to marry, I knew I was interested, though my romantic inlination towards him came much later. And frankly, it didn’t matter. All that I was bothered about after that first conversation we had was how we could be together. He could be a friend, a lover, a brother – just as long as I could talk to him a little more, spend a wee bit more time with him.

When I met The Guy I was young, too young to know better than to tell him I’d like to tie him a rakhi, just so he wouldn’t think I was the kind of girl who went around chasing boys! Thankfully, he refused the offer and we went on to be lovers for 5 years before finally taking our wedding vows.

That’s how it has always been with me. When I like someone, really, really like someone, all I care about is how I can make that person a part of my life. It’s rare but then I do not bother with the relationship I have with him or her – a father figure, a friend, a fling (not had any, though), just anything, as long as it can be an excuse to be with that person.

I’ve made friends out of most such people. But not always. Sometimes the other person might not have found a reason to reciprocate my feelings, to want to know me better. It’s usually alright with me, but this time, I like this fellow so much – in a very platonic way – that I’m upset about his apparent disinterest in my life. He’s certainly not been my friend, but he has been rather nice to me in the past. However, he seems to have forgotten me now. And I’m perturbed by how he’s dismissed me from the miniscule part I had in his life only because he has been so nice to me.

It makes me wonder if a nameless relationship is a good idea after all.


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  1. >i think its worth it…because even if ur not a part of their life now its touched YOUR life in some way..thats the way I look at it…Every single association or conversation I have matters in some way or another…cheers!

  2. >it is an interesting premise. most of my relationships have been nameless. some sorrowful, some joyful. either ways, i’ve learnt a lot and grown in the process. i think people come into our lives for a certain fulfilment that may come through them. then we stop wondering

  3. >the best u can do is to make him know how u feel. there is no guarantee on what u get in return. no matter what kind the relationship is, its always a risk we take, and most of us assume we get back what we expect. which is not the case always. remember that u can never grab something out of this person. if he is disinterested, its his loss. he is missing out on getting to know another wonderful person

  4. >I think that names really do not and should not matter much. Its the quality of the relationship that is important. You can have a brother by birth but what is the point if he hardly ever calls you??

  5. >Naam pe mat jaao, bhawnaao ko samjho…….to put it in shakespearan term, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Till the time the sweet fragrance of this rose, (nameless rel) fills your life, you will actually be occupied in enjoying it rather than christening it.And since you have most of the time made such people part of your life, it will happen this time too. Keep the faith!!

  6. >@Vitruvian, Dbum, Jpb: Yes, I am glad for the good times I have enjoyed with that person. And indeed, I have learnt a great deal from this relationship.@Mac: Oh, I’ve made it evident on plenty of occasions how I feel, not so much in words as in actions, but if somebody refuses to accept my love – as you said – it’s his loss!@Solitaire: True, names can’t hold relationships.@Simplyme: Ah, I’d like to think that, but to be realistic, this time I have to let go!

  7. >hehe… i just hope that by now Iv learnt my lessons… 🙂 no, no more wanting spontaneous relationships… it jus doesn work….and hey, iv read, to kill…. mockingbird’ its really good, IMO… but mom didnt like it… i use a lot of anecdotes from the story.. we’ll discuss after you’ve read, i guessand finally, i guess ill be the last person…. but happy birthday, super belatedly….. hav a good rest o the year

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