>A roadmap, anyone?


My Mum says God has a plan for all of us. And that no matter how many plans we make, only His will work out. Yet, when I look at people around me I marvel at how well they’ve planned everything in life and seem to know exactly how they want things to be: they marry, have children two years down the line, make smart career moves, invest in the right mutual funds, do whatever and I’m still meandering on a path that God has decided for me!

Sometimes, I grudge that I believe so much in what Mom says. Sometimes I grudge that God will not let us make our plans and stick to them.

For a very long time in my life, I did not know what I wanted from it. And that would have been better than having wanted something only to learn, with a bend in the road, that I’m on a different course altogether.

I don’t regret where that road has brought me today. However, I do regret not knowing where I’m headed to now. I don’t like the kind of adventure that takes me somewhere I never wanted to go. And I would like to know my destination, so I can prepare accordingly.

I’m not a vagabond who sets out on an aimless journey and makes the journey his purpose. And it troubles me to be living like one. Oh yes, I’ve done a lot of things in life that I wanted to, not everything in this journey has been accidental. Yet, I feel I haven’t done what I was meant to and that somewhere, I’ve lost track of the path I had set out on. And I hate to measure the cup of life and see it half full when I compare it to others’.

And then I think of what Mum says, maybe God has a plan for me….


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  1. >every time someone sees my hand…they say that everything that will happen in my life will be because i wanted it.im not lucky for nothing in my life happens by ‘chance’…but then i know that if i want i can change everything.and i truly believe in it. i know that a lot of times we maybe stuck in a situation where we would want to blame god…this means that we would look outside for solutions too.so what i mean through all this harangue is (!!) stop looking out for a roadmap and map your own destiny…you’d be better off..trust me!man…u must be thinking im such a granny!lol! nevermind…blogging is all about revealing ur true self πŸ˜›

  2. >it’s a cliche but still m saying this, if you want something desperately then the whole universe conspires to let you have it. ……and as far as knwing what future holds for you, don’t you think life will become boring with everything known. we fill our required spaces it is just that we dont knw how useful we are till the time that space is lost.in btw (kabhi kabhi mere blog par bhi aayo d ji, its nt that bad)

  3. >@Abhishek: Thank you.@Nisha: I get you and agree with what you’re saying, but only partially… And all I can add is that you’re lucky you get your way in life! That’s not how it works for all of us.@Eram: I knew someone would come up with how boring life would be if everything was predictable. Which is why I said I do not like the kind of journey that I do not know why I’ve undertaken! I could find better ways of making my life fun!And yes, I did visit your blog πŸ™‚ And it’s not bad at all!!

  4. >i didn’t mean that i get my way in life everytime…who does??!!what i mean is…instead of saying that everything will be fine one day…we shud believe that whatever will happen will happen for our best.the best however is not always what we hoped for..it may seem worse.but at the end of it all…we shud not feel that we didn’t do enough to have it our way.unless…ya..when its not in our hands!when its actually not in our hands.. i guess its better to believe in this destiny bit..avoiding the ‘why me’ bit!!ive never written such long comments so maybe thats the reason im making less sense πŸ™‚

  5. >how does one know that “this” is god’s plan for you?? It is like a “ta-dah” moment with bells ringings in your ears??Once you find these profound answers, please pass on the wisdom to me. I’m so lost. Currently my plan in life looks like to be buying as many shoes as i can. Lacks depth, I agree.

  6. >The idea is to enjoy the sceneries while you are on this road. May be you are not watching them closely enough.And you might regret missing them after having passed it …

  7. >@Solitaire: If only!@Nikki: Oh yes, I agree on the bit about not sulking and asking “Why me?” Also, I do believe that whatever happens is for the best. And since only God knows what’s best for us, his plans are always the ones that dictate our lives…Ok, now I’ve never written such long replies to comments either. Probably why I’m also making such little sense ;)@Still Searching: That’s some consolation!@Just passing by: When you know this wasn’t your plans, you know it must be God’s plan! Simple, huh?@Vinod: I hate to admit it, but you’re so right!

  8. >hey…..the bit that we need to avaid is “comparison” with others. Only if I see another’s cup full will I find mine only half full, right??Believe that each life is unique, and that there should be comparison only with yourself…..The beauty of life is the fact that it fools u in to believing that u r in control, while it laughs all the way when you meekly follow…

  9. >HiIt’s an interesting post. Thanks for sharing the ambivalence.I can tell this hazarding a bit of generalisation: this kind of ambivalence is nearly everywhere.Then let me share something still relevant. I know a gentleman who is in habit of threadbare calculation, scenario building, data collection about everything that concerns or likely to concern him. He succeeds in achieving his targets, but as soon as he succeeds realising his goal, he immediately forgets what he had expected to get. What is more, he starts creeping about getting less than he expected. And the funniest thing is that he’s sincere about his creeping.ThanksNandahttp://ramblingnanda.blogspot.comhttp://remixoforchid.blogspot.com

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