>From last week

>A good fight is like exfoliation.
I got rid of a lot of emotional dead cells during my last duel. Ah! I feel cleaner, lighter. Like I’ve flushed the toxins out of my system.


People who’ve done nothing worthwhile in life will let others do nothing.
A colleague is being harangued by her family because she’s almost 24, she comes home from work too tired to cook and she doesn’t want to get married yet. They’ve bludgeoned her into quitting her job because she has no time to learn what all women have to do irrespective of their professional qualifications – make rotis and manage their homes. And if she must work at all, she can study to be a teacher: an unambitious teacher who can come home just in time to serve lunch to her family!


March 8 was Women’s Day.
So I made up this cheesy SMS and forwarded it to my friends. Of course, I believed in it too:

Grit and glamour,
Vanity and valour.
Courage and creativity,
Strength and sensitivity.
Beauty and brains,
Duty and pains.
Hot or homely,
Simple yet lovely.
Love and candor,
An inspiration, a woman, a wonder!
Celebrating all that and more today
Happy Women’s Day!


To propose or depose, that is the question!

My friend is in a piquant situation. He likes a girl but worries his professional reputation may be jeopardised if he asks her out because she’s his client. He asked me for advice and I had no creative solutions for him except that if he really likes her, he’ll have to take a risk. What say?


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  1. >for the last part, tell your friend to stop seeing this person and so she would no longer be a client. then he is free to do what ever. Never ever get involved with someone while he/she is a client

  2. >hey, men have to learn to make roti and manage homes. thankfully, i’m more of a rice eater, i jus have to throw it into the pressure cooker :)i take offense to the mention of unambitious teacher. it sounds derogatory to me. i wish at least some of us gave the profession more respect than what is currently the sad state :(for your friend – not sure if it is a creative solution – but ask him to abandon the idea. stay single. it rocks! :))

  3. >@Mac: Thus spake the pro!Yeah, you’re right, but that would be so sad, eh?@Dbum: Men should certainly learn to make rotis and manage homes, but this girls family obviously doesn’t think so. Also, the bit about “an unambitious teacher” is how they expect this girl to be; it isn’t my perception of the profession. I have a great deal of respect for teachers who give their jobs due respect. And the advice on being single, I’m all for it. Have been giving him the same advice. But what is it that they say about marriage? It’s a laddu jo khaye pachtaye and jo na khaye woh bhi pachtaye!

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