>How much of me do you want to see?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to turn this into a nudist blog. I’m only wondering how much of me you want to know. To keep you coming here, do I have to tell you about my husband’s profession, our relationship or about the people I live with, about my friends and their children, my issues with the people I don’t like, what I did on Sunday, post pictures of my new acquisitions…?
I do not want to disclose the particulars of my life here, yet share nuggets of it with you. Does that make this blog less interesting? I’m asking because I realise the more popular blogs in cyberspace are ones that detail the most intimate secrets of the blogger, keeping only the name a secret. I’m not judging them; on the contrary I respect their ability to come clean on so many things that I still keep under wraps.
I wonder, what part of us wants to know how a stranger leads her life. And I keep debating with myself how much of my private life I want to make public. Do I want the world to know about a tiff with my pa-in-law, about why I don’t want children yet or about how much I miss a man who doesn’t remember me at all?
I’m confused. What do you think?

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  1. >I dont thnk you have to disclose really personal stuff to get more clicks on your blogspace. If you think you can share it and will be a good read, then you can key it down.Anyways there is so much happening around you that you can always write about. And keep them coming 🙂

  2. >Do what you are comfortable with.Be yourself and be true to yourself.People should write your blog for its writings and not because they know about you having cooked rajma with too much salt last night.

  3. >You have to be true to yourself. Don’t reveal what you’re not comfortable with.Certainly we want to get to know you, but in the end only you know what you want us to see.

  4. >I think it boils down to ur comfort level!Don’t ever readers’ aspirations ( whatever they may be) guide the way you write!My blog goes through phases, I am deeply personal for a while, then move over to gender, and mght go spiritual!!!But its always me writing what I want to, and how i want to!And people like me, are comfortable reading what u choose to share!!!

  5. >hmph…. why no thx for ab????well, jus pullin yr leg :)but i thot with all th new suggestions, you would be spurred to blog more often!!!!

  6. >the world is very mean…they always wanna know gossip…not only that..its full of sadists…who take happiness in someone elses pain.and to top it all, when you reveal too much..they tend not to like you.so i’d say, say whatever your heart desires and trust opinions of only those who can read between the lines and dont want you to say any more…my god…fundas!!!

  7. >Well it depends on what or rather who you blog for. Obviously since our blogs are open to public we DO want them to read it, but is that the primary purpose for you or is that just an added perk?According to your answer to this question, you should do what you think is right or what it its that you want to achieve through this blog.I for one think that your blog is simple, insightful and it definitely keeps me coming back.Only I wish I could read more of your writing!cheers!

  8. >Just what u love sharing.. When u write bout things tat ur comfortable sharing, it brings out the best! So the call is urs! its often not what u write, it just how u write tat matters.. and u write well!ah!!! a lotta people said the same thing too!

  9. >@Nisha: Yes, some voyeuristic pleasures we get out of it!@Vitruvian: No, the primary purpose is not to get only readers. So i guess you’re right.@Pointblank: There’s a point there – how you write. And there’s a compliment there too! Thanks 🙂

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