>Two guys and a girl


Two guy friends going out for lunch doesn’t seem like the same thing as two girls meeting up for a tete-a-tete over great grub. Strange, huh, but I’m not sure I quite like the idea of my husband’s bachelor friend not bothering to ask me if I want to come along. What’s worse, my husband didn’t ask either. I have a feeling I’m sulking, and I don’t like that too. Because it seems unreasonable to be jealous or plain bothered in such a situation – after all, this isn’t like a date! But if he was just hanging out with his friend for a guzzling session or a game of cricket, or a super-action flick or to check out a new car/gizmo/phone/whatever, or just to exchange notes on the stock market, I wouldn’t wonder at all. These are guy things – things that men do together, like there are things that women do together, you know, like talk and shop and exhange notes about their sex lives (yes, women do that all the time!). But since when did married men start going out for lunch with other men? You tell me…

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  1. >hehe. the first thing i did was to smile.i am not married, so i wouldn’t know. but i do know that everybody needs their space sometimes, and at such instances, it is best to let tem be.

  2. >@Dbum: I almost wrote “don’t tell me to give space, because I’m doing just that, or he wouldn’t have gone for lunch…” and then changed my mind. I guess I should have posted that bit :)@Mac: Oh yes, I see the men sympathising!

  3. >may be u r too hot that he feels insecure :Djust kidding…cud be true though;)(yes, women do that ALL the time!)…relly?..like wat wat wat and u sure that thrs no pun intended in the Q asked…like other MEN…. ?p.s. corrupted mind….cant help it 😦

  4. >@Pointblank: Really, tell me about it!@Cruiser: Ok, I’m pretty, not hot! And insecure? Nah! And what all women talk about – don’t even ak, you’ll blush!And there is NO PUN INTENDED there, trust me!PS: Now, that’s a guy thing!

  5. >well, im sure im not exp enough to comment. all i know is…even if im married…i would love to go out with my girl friends…just us and gossip/bitch/share and laugh out loud.so i guess guys also deserve it…and neway…lunch outings are safer right?lol!

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