>Uneasy questions

>Him: If you were a decision-maker, what would you have done in the IC-814 hijack – released the terrorists or sacrificed the lives of the passengers?

Me: I wouldn’t release the terrorists. I’d sent the forces to combat the hijackers.

Him: And what if I was on that plane?


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  1. >i dunno… sitting here and thinking yes, if it was just me, i would take the chance…. i think thats wat is called nationalism… you can sing the anthem in the correct notes and standing in the correct posture, but wat matters is when you have to make a sacrifice.. just think wat wuld have been of us if our freedom fighters used the same logic… or their mom’s restrained them….i know im a idealist, but i think i would still stand by this conviction.. that said the decision makers have a dilemna.. they dont have a personal example.. if Vajpayee went for a millitary operation, he would have been criticised for being insensitive.. but if he had a brother or a child on it, he could take a braver decision….abbtw, it was I who asked about Lolita

  2. >it is easier think or make a decision when there is no personal involvement..isn’t it??when it come even close to our personal lives the decision becomes tougher..inverse proportionality..but its a cruel thing to ask a loved one such a question!!!

  3. >@Dbum: Yes, love makes things complicated.@Ab: Well, I didn’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing. But if truth be told, I had to pause to think: would it be so easy if the person I loved was on the same flight? I cannot pretend it would be.@Mac: Maybe.@Vitruvian: I agree.

  4. >Well, today, we were discussing how does and army man differ from the common man. I think the army man is expected to have said yes. Because at that point, there aren’t supposed to be any emotions involved, but rather just what’s right to do.

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