>Random realizations from the last week or so

>My want to be ‘me’ seems farcical when I realise how much I am like the people who surround me. What is ‘me’ but a genetic blend of parts of people who’ve influenced me, knowingly and unknowingly. I look around and see shades of me in my parents, my aunts and uncles, my siblings and wonder, what really is not me?!


Last week was spent in a whirr of activities, none of which required me to be so involved that I’d forget everything else. But then, the Great Indian Wedding Drama is such – you can be part of the celebrations without being a part of either the bride or the groom’s life! And enjoy it thoroughly.

Travelling alone is liberating, I flew alone for the first time and was amused at how happy I was doing it. I struck a conversation with a total stranger – probably for the first time again. He was unattractive, middle aged and we had nothing in common. And it made me feel all grown up and business-like, both of which I am technically, except in my own head.

For the first time too, I traveled light. And that too was a liberating feeling.

I threw away a dress because it had bad memories. It was a beautiful dress and I looked lovely in it. The first time I wore it, I had a horrible end to a beautiful evening. The second time I put it on, just the memories of the first time made me feel sullen. And I hated the rest of the evening. So I just threw it away, tossed it into an unreachable part on the top of my wardrobe so I won’t be able to see it now, nor tempted to wear it anymore. But it was a beautiful dress…

I read about the Spiaggio Rosa – a private bit of a beach in Italy reserved for women only. It makes sense because men and women essentially seem like two very different species to me now. And though I’m quite straight, I still think women are easier to live with (and not just because they know what PMS feels like), though men might seem more interesting for a while.


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  1. >we’re all a blend, not just by way of genes, but also by way of the varied experiences that results in the complex thing we call the mind. we are vast, yes. and yet, we are uniquely different.travelling light is always the best. there was this once i was travelling with a sanyasi – he looked at my bag and said, “yours is smaller than mine, and i’m supposed to the the renunciate!”well, i’m male, and i must admit, i’ve found it easier to live with men…at least thats how it has been so far!is there a hint of sadness in this post, or am i being too imaginative? take care!

  2. >So true! That could it be possible that we see so much of ourselves in others, its like we’re made up of different people?! People who we like and probably even those we dislike?! Nice thought, worth exploring.. Congrats on flying alone for the first time.. I’ve been travelling alone since the age of 11 but I cannot get myself to be social with strangers.. I use that time for myself only, to either read, listen to music or just plain muse… I know a lot of my clothes have memories attached to them too, but it’s because of that that I havent thrown them, good or bad! lol!Nice blog, I agree we have a similar way of thinking maybe…

  3. >@Standbymind: Really? I’m surprised! :)@Vitruvian: Yes, but I’m yet to discover its joys in the true sense.@Dbum: I agree (to the bit about varied experiences making us who we are).And maybe you confused solitude for sadness, for that’s what I was experiencing.@Still searching: Thanks for dropping by!

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