>Of cooking, dancing and making rangolis

>So much to do, one life seems little!

Everyday I think of a long list of things I need to do before this week ends, this month ends and another year goes by… I vacillate between the frivolous and the philanthropic, wondering how I can make one life good enough for all that comes in between.

I think I live every moment of my life, yet there’s always this urge to do something more to make this life worthwhile – whether for me or for somebody else. There’s so much still that I think I can do and must try to do before I say ‘It’s too late’.

So, well, this fortnight I’ve given to myself. I’ve signed up for a 10-day dance workshop. It’s been a long time since I went up on stage to perform. And I’ve never danced on stage. So at the end of next week, I’m going to try and do that. Do something new, frivolous as it may be. And tick off one item from that long list of things.

Last Diwali, I learnt how to make a rangoli, however horrible, because I wanted one in my house and had nobody to make one for me.

My inflated wish list has a lot to do with my desire to be independent. I learnt how to cook only for that reason and not because I wanted to do something new.

Not everything else on that list is going to be as easy! And I will have to slow down one day but for now, I’m ready to run. Routines have a horrible way of sucking the reality out of your dreams. They make you another person. I’ll run away from them if I have to and live my dreams like I want to.

PS: If this sounds repetitive to any of you, well, so is my life!


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  1. >its urs and everybody elses as well..most ppl are constantly wishing for change…often forgetting what they are currently doing is also a change for what the WERE doing!i have one of these lists as well..dance…well cool..thats on the top of my list! and i’ve signed up for a salsa course for after my exams..all the best to u…temme how it goes!cheers1

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