>The strange familiar


The familiar has a strange way of transmuting into something totally strange.

Have you ever found yourself looking at a stranger in the person you thought you knew, wondering why you never saw this side of him before? Your childhood pal becomes a stranger over time, lovers become strangers as spouses. The sick become strangers even for family. The people you’ve seen every single day become forgettable with time and distance. Children become strangers to their parents. And yet you can never say you don’t know them.

Places where you’ve spent years become strange in no time – you can only remember how you used to be part of that place once, you cannot be part of it again. The cities that you spent your youth in become strange, the walls, the driveway, the windows you thought you’d never forget become new, distant in a matter of days. The stairs you’ve climbed every working day, the cupboards you stacked with precious nothing, the table you sat at for every breakfast, lunch and dinner – why do they become strangers? The corners you owned become dusty crevices of the past. And yet you say you know that place and wonder, “do you really?”

When you belong somewhere – anywhere – you can never think this person/place cannot grow distant. But the familiar does have a way of transmuting into something so strange…


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  1. >for something to become strange, i think it could be only two things, either bitterness or ignorance. If bitter then it doesn’t really matter, but if its due to ignorance it really gives u that empty feeling and that regret as to how things could have been different.its rare that life gives u second chances…hmmm wish we could untangle all the strangeness in life!

  2. >yes, about friends… sadly, i go into a withdrawal mode… about places yes again, but usually the strangeness comes only from a bitter experience… like my school and home place or even th house I stayed when i was in Bng 13 yrs ago are supposed arent strange.. jus changed! whereas th office i used to work in last yr this time is strange… because the memories associated with it are only bad… and you’ve spent so much of time suppressing it from yr thoughts…ok, well, so i think thats th answer… when something/one becomes strange is when you’ve struggled to detach yourself from itys familliarity… usually stemming from a bad experience… even a relationship…!

  3. >@Nisha & Ab: I don’t think strangeness has anything necessarily to do with bitterness… And even the places you loved and the people you still love change and so become like strangers to you and you have to get to know them all over again… At least, that’s how I meant it.

  4. >hie…this is the first time i’m dropping by…and this is a strange post to start with.. ;)yea..i see what u mean…everything and everyone is in a constant state of metamorphosis…familiar things and people become strange not just because THEY change…sometimes its because WE change…but it doesn’t take much to convert the strange..to some thing strangely familiar…does it?? :)cheers!PS:u have a delightful way with words i enjoyed reading…am blog rolling u..

  5. >@Vitruvian: Firstly, thank you 🙂 Compliments always help!And you’re right. I was thinking after posting this post about the same – how we change and find the things around us changed. We become strangers to the familiar places and people.@The lover: Yeah? Me too!@Mac: I totally agree with you.

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