>Lost in celebration


I think I’m growing shallow. I can’t think of anything deep, at least nothing deep enough to make me feel intelligent. And my writing seems spiritless. Is it the chocolates, mithai boxes, biscuits, dry fruits and teen pattis that have stolen my thinking brain? It is possible to lose yourself in clothes and crackers, poojas and parties, candles and cakes?

What else could leave me so uninspired? I mean, I should be hating Mayawati for doing something as stupid as refusing to allow people in black clothes to enter Green Park, Kanpur to watch the Indo-Pak match. But I’m lost in wondering what new crockery I should show off before my simple, totally lovable relatives for lunch. I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to meet Sachin Tendulkar without so much as a regret. I don’t even care who’s poking me on Facebook and scrapping me on orkut these days and I hardly blog! I lost a game of Scrabulous to a friend on Facebook because I didn’t respond for far too long. And don’t even ask me to get excited about the Sensex or sad about Nandigram. And that my stomach has finally revolted to eating out for days on end makes no difference. Believe me, socialising is a full-time job that nobody pays you for. It even makes my work seem like a side thing. I work these days to fill in the gaps between two totally meaningless, fun and tiring outings.

So like I was saying, all this partying has made me a little shallow. Perhaps I’ll grow back my brains after the festivities are over!


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  1. >Hi,I very much agree on ..”socialising is a full-time job that nobody pays you for”.tell ya wat, when you start prioritizing things up your mind, guess, you wont end up in missing gr8 things out….anyways cool post. , post more.

  2. >i seriosuly dont know how u guys manage it! work, family, freinds tak to theek hai…but then freinds of friends, new freinds, friend’s relatives..lol!anyway, the ‘worst’ is over…so you can breathe…and plan how you’ll spend all the money you earned!

  3. >Not getting good enuf thoughts to feel intellect….Trust me i went thru the same .. can so bloody relate to it.. !!Hope you get back to the “normal” part soon.. :PHappy writing 🙂

  4. >perhaps festivals have that effect on grown ups… but i do agree with the mayawati thing.. it was just so ridculously irritating! but hope ur getting better with deepavli gone.. looking forward to christmas? :Ptake care!

  5. >@ Lover: And thankfully the phase is over!@Kiran: Yes, but I did forget to say I enjoy socialising 🙂 But how much is too much?@Ab: Lucky you!!@Nikki: Yeah, we wonder too, where the energy comes from? ;)@Rohit: Thanks.@Ankit: Oh no! Christmas couldn’t be half as busy…Lol!@Ashu: All fine… I just could do better with 30-hours days!!! Lol! Thanks for the concern.

  6. >”socialising is a full-time job that nobody pays you for”that is as good as a quotable quote!!its as they say…”sola aane sach!”but gear up again..its nearly time for christmas and new year…lol..cheers!

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