>If you’re unhappy, you’re likely to spread it around!


I don’t know if you look for a scientific explanation for everything in this world, but I don’t. I don’t even know if vibes have any scientific background, but I believe more in vibes sometimes than words. I know this girls who says she’s happy, but just being around her makes me unhappy! I mean, you know how it is when you don’t like a person without a reason? I say it’s the vibes.

And I hate the fact that I am so tuned into these invisible vibes. Half the reason I quit my last workplace was because the people there didn’t give off positive vibes. And that’s why when I choose people to work for me now, I’m not just looking for capable candidates, but also people who will make their workplace cheerful.

There are so many other things I can attribute to this vibe thing: a happy home is created by people who exude warmth and love. Some people make you uncomfortable just by being present there. If you’re unhappy, you’re likely to spread around that feeling!

Not just people, even places have vibes. They can make you feel happy, lonely, sad, peppy, whatever! Sometimes, just changing the place of your residence, no matter how difficult it may be, can solve all your problems.
This could be a tag kind of a thing in fact!! What’s your favourite vibe place/person and why? Answer right here, right now.

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  1. >lol.. i kno wat ur talkin abt… i get these vibes too.. all the tym… i had been to singapore once n the people der r so cheerful n the vibes u get from der r so gud, u cud live der… or maybe its just me being the excited traveller.. who knows?

  2. >this is gonna sound weird, but i sometimes know when someone shares the same star sign as me…. again, some vibes i feel.. cant explain, but sometimes i just know it…now im not accurate always, but i have been correct atleast 70%…… and with negative vibes.. i know what u mena whn u say that with some people, u know u dont like them, the minute u meet them….its happened often.. jaybe its vibes..or maybe im just good at reading body language

  3. >ha, its actually really true… even my last work place was filled with these negativ vibes.. tho that cant be said to be th reason i quit, i am sure, one of th factors was that i was unhappy i was there… and everybody around me was too… sometimes you end up spreading negativ vibes.. but then, can you help being not happy? especially, u can talk some things only to certain people… so i had this friend who i could be really personal with.. but after sometime, i felt all i was doing was cribbing about life….about th tag, ill get back….

  4. >my fav vibe wud be in a temple/church/gurudwara. I’m not much of a religious person, but whenever i go, i just adore the feeling.why? – maybe the silence…fragrance..hope in everyones eyes..cant say..i seriously feel sorry for everyone who gives off negative vibes..im sure they don’t even know what they’re doing to others!!

  5. >Well is is kinda true.. appreciate ur thoughts ..:)i simply love the vibe at night.. when i stay awake till morning and simply spend time wid my ownself and ofcourse fagging out my psyche.. 🙂

  6. >my fav vibe – dog. street dog. anytime, anyday. and no, i don’t look for scientific explanations either. and i try to minimise the use of the word ‘hate’ 🙂

  7. >i agree with you here…there are some people who just give out bad vibes. The moment you even see them you start scowling for now reason.my fav vibe place…santorini,greece. It was so beautiful there.fav vibe person…well there is this girl…

  8. >my fav vibe thing- books/dancemy fav vibe person -aditya/rohit (yeah, the same guy)my fav vibe place- marine drivehey! long time…how r u?rohit keeps updating me about you. so i know that your bro’s marriage was superb and that you finally found the black cocktail dress and killer shoes! he also showed me pics!! awesome!!my diwali break is on…i think you’d love to see one of the kudos’ dance videos on youtube…tell me how you liked the choreography and all…i am the girl in brown.http://youtube.com/watch?v=oMf0_yriNuIcu

  9. >@Shimmer: Ya, there are these happy places… And I agree, Singapore is one of them.@Mac: Oh yes, the star sign vibes. Like I know a Virgo when I meet one – I really have to make an effort to like them :)@Ab: Ahem!@Nikki: Yeah, I don’t get these vibes in all temples, but in some, there’s this amazing positivity! @Rohit: 🙂 I guess I know what you mean… I’m also a night person!@Dbum: :P@Hershey: Lucky you!@I.D.: Ok, is there a missing link here? What’s happening?

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