>I am a hungry person rebelling against food that’s being force fed to an adult.


Whether you’re a rebel with a cause or without one, rebellion isn’t easy. Ask me, I’m a rebel without a pause – but perhaps only in my head, which makes it so much more difficult for me to be conventional.

I am a hungry person rebelling against food that’s being force fed to an adult.
I am an independent person rebelling against too much help from anyone.
I have my own mind, on just about everything, and I rebel against people telling me what to do.
I believe in traditions, and I rebel against people who tell me they are irrelevant.
I believe in conventionally good traits like honesty and hard work and I rebel against people who would have me believe me that there are cheap short cuts to success.
I am a family person who rebels against attempts to abrogate my space by my family.
I am a woman who believes in gender equality and I rebel against all chauvinists.
I rebel against anybody who thinks they can use force to make me tow the line.
I rebel against expectations.

I wish I was a little more brave to take my rebellion out in the open.

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  1. >Rebellion serves its purpose only when its borne out of resentment, and then acted upon. Futility of rebellion occurs when stress is more on Cause and less on Action. Rebellion just for the sake of it, mmm.. dont think its worth it. What do you say?

  2. >Hello…blog hopped from Sue’s. Lucknow caught my eye – anything about UP will make me nostalgic and liable to burst into tears. Glad to meet you here. Do come by and see me at my blog too. I blog about a different issue altogether. uh uh…these puns…not good.

  3. >@Kalyan: I agree. And I don’t think I rebel for the sake of rebelling. What makes rebellion tough for me is that I am a bundle of contradictions and sometimes rebel only in my head!@Parul: Welcome here! Always glad to meet the few Lakhnawis that there are in blogosphere!

  4. >u have na – brought it out in the open, i mean :)i believe in traditions too, but definitely like to examine their relevance while following them. i would not rebel against anybody just for the fact that they claim a tradition to be irrelevant – i’d rather discuss and involve myself in constructive criticism of the same. for i am convinced that traditions, specially in the sanatana dharma, are very time bound.

  5. >@Rohit: Really? And thanks, btw!@Dbum: Well, I guess I exaggerated a bit there. I respect people’s choices when it comes to observing certain traditions and I expect them to respect my choices. But yes, I do believe in following a lot of traditions because they are part of the way I was brought up. However, traditions are not to be confused with superstitions.

  6. >Ditto and more….!!We all are rebels in the head…but true rebellions are those, who can scream and shout it out in a way that no one is disturbed but notices it ;). Haven’t been able to do that as of yet…but tryin… 🙂

  7. >@Nisha: You’re a rebel, you’re not brave and you’re lucky!@Standbymind: Isn’t it?@Nabila: But some rebellions are very disturbing… you have to upset status quo for rebellion to be noticed.

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