>A decade of love


Ten years is a pretty long time. And that we’ve survived each other for so long should say something about us and our relationship!

I met this guy some 11 years ago and it took me a whole year and a little more to realise I had fallen in love with him. That we were meant to be was obvious right from the start: providence had played a part in bringing us together and no amount of resistance could have changed that! Thankfully, there never was any resistance. Once we had discovered each other, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we call life kept falling into place, effortlessly! And the picture was complete when we tied the knot – less than 4 years ago!

He was a stranger who seemed so familiar, I talked to him for almost an hour the first time I ever spoke to him! He was gentle, sensitive, patient, interesting, caring. And a friend. I oscillated between liking and disliking him for those same reasons till I grew up to realise, well, love isn’t just about liking the person you see before you; it is about accepting the things you dislike in him as well.

I don’t know what he liked in me, I don’t know if even HE knows it. But I still love to talk to him, even after all these years. I still want him to listen to me like he did the first time we’d met.

The last decade has been a delicious mixture of sugar and spice. We’ve had our share of fights, tears and misunderstandings, but as I said, we’ve survived and our love for each other is still intact. Yes, it has changed, like everything else in Nature: in its tone and colour, intensity and vigour and I can’t pretend I wouldn’t want it to be just the way it was so many years ago when I fell in love with a lanky boy who was so unlike me in everything, you’d be surprised! But what we have now is different, it’s special and it’s still love!


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  1. >well, congrats on 10, and congrats on 50… actually i had posted another comment as a reply to this post, but they say blogger couldnt perform th request to publish it.. so there goes, maybe it wasnt meant to be made public

  2. >Congratulations! And you deserve more congratulations! Because you, both of you, made it much more than just an anniversary, and have cracked a great secret of life. :)Let me borrow a wish for you from Gibran:”Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.”

  3. >coool…why didn’t u tell the whole story here 😉 …as in how u met, etc. would have made an interesting read :D…Hope you have many many many manyyy more decades to go. and with each yr may your love grow stronger and stronger 🙂

  4. >oh nothing really important.. jus about you saying you still love to talk to him.. iv always maintained that th first consideration in a future partner is some one with whom i can have my kind of conversation for how much ever i want.. Iv met only one girl like that so far, and for many reasons, i wouldnt marry her.. and that too, we have conversations flowing like the ocean through mails, so you cant say talk.. but i hope ill meet someone, one person who i can spend all night in a pub and just talk talk talk..

  5. >@Nikki: Well, on a public blog? Didn’t know if people would understand the whys and wherefores!@Nabila, Dbum: Amen!@Ab: I’m sure you’ll meet someone like that! Best wishes…

  6. >a decade of loving is enough to have a lot of people happy. tinged a spot green with the sin, but happy nonetheless.may it be another ten. hope to read about it then too.

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