>I have nothing to say

>I have nothing to say.
Let me make peace with my silence.
Your words are superfluous…
Don’t expect an answer:
I have none.

I will not say what you want to hear.
Don’t try to find the words
You think I’d like to hear.
You cannot
Fill the silence I have decided to create.

If you cannot understand what I haven’t said
How will you understand
What I would want to say?
So shut up, like me:
Be at peace with the silence between us.


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  1. >@Dbum: On second thoughts, I found this one rather lame. But if you love them, I love it!@Ab: This is not an idea, it’s just me being me! And I guess that was a compliment(?) So, thanks 🙂

  2. >meant as a compliment only… like, maybe its a little lame in terms of persuasiveness (now pls dont ask me to explain), but what the heck, the ideas smell of freshness… and you put it out interestingly too!

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