>Not been here, not done this!

>I’m not the kind of person who lives without regrets. I regret doing so many things, not doing so many others. But before this life is over, I’d like to do some things. Here’s a random list of things I want to do, REALLY, REALLY want to do, things I haven’t done before, I think I ought to do.

1. I want to travel without a plan. Not come back home for months. See my country. Just squander away my time.

2. I want to be so rich, I won’t know what to do with all the money. No, that’s an exaggeration. I just want to be very, very, very rich. So that I can talk about a few lakhs like it’s no big deal. Go shopping without a budget. Yes, I am that frivolous.

3. Live alone. Just us – the two of us. Sleep when I want to, eat what I want to, wear what I want to and not wear when I want to – no questions asked.

4. Give an interview on national television. Why can’t I? I want to be a celebrity. A REAL celebrity. They say it’s easy these days.

5. REBEL. Not care. About ANYONE. Not even in my head. Be selfish without guilt, drunk without a hangover.

6. Hit someone. I slapped my cousin when I was 10. That’s it. I’ve never hit anyone. My sister is a Gandhian, she believes in passive resistance, non-violence. We never fought. I want to now.

7. Bungee jump. I think I can do it. It would be fun!

8. Swim. The most do-able of all the things. Haven’t managed to float yet.

9. Be shy. What makes people shy? Why haven’t I felt shy till now?

10. Be a scholar. I enjoy studying. I loved school and college. I loved my course books. Then why didn’t I become a academician?

I think this could be a tag. Who wants to be tagged? Anybody who reads this is TAGGED: 10 things you always wanted to do, haven’t managed yet.


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  1. >hmmm..acha hai…i hope n wish with all my heart that u can do all these things…although im also a bit of gandhian! maybe i’ll try this tag..although im not sure how many of my wishes i can make public! šŸ˜‰

  2. >hmmm… well, i guess Im caught if i actually comment! but there goes! even Iv wanted to travel without a plan… like, i get this feeling wen i read Paulo Coelho! he actually does it!and about tagging… one, you’ve already said a few of the things. the rest, i will come up with… thank god you didn say by when hwahahaha

  3. >hey…. wer the heck is my comment (ie did i not actually comment?) … okay, you jus delete this… and oh ya, the reason i commented this time is u got a wonderfull music on yr page… wer did u get uit from?

  4. >@Elixir: Just do it!@Nikki: Hmmm…. now you’ve got me thinking all naughty: what could those wishes be?!@Ab: Getting tagged isn’t so bad now, is it? And no, I’m not deleting the other comment. The music is from Sonific Sound.@Tanya: Yes, we share the not-shy bit I think! I only wish I could pretend half as well as you šŸ˜›

  5. >@Ab: The word verification was to get back at all those bloggers who’ve got word verifications!!@Prabha: Yeah, I should add that too. And I forgot to add also that I want to make this huge huge library where rich mahogony wood shelves will house my leather bound classics! Ah!

  6. >hmmm… good idea. must write about things i want to do in this life. i like your list.. there were some things i’d like to do too among those.. like being filthy dirty stinking rich. wow. i can’t swim, would like to. fly too maybe. ok i think i should start on mine

  7. >Have thought about this a lotta times but never wrote them down. May be I ll take a lead from you. But I m sure the list would be very similar to yours.Nice post and a great blog you have out here. Esp loved the music playing behind ..Cheers ..

  8. >in the most simplest words I can possibly put this… marry me.kidding.But so many points are similar here.love to..that is..love the IDEA to just live a life of a wanderer…and of course at the same time, be a filthy rich one..living alone..i intend to..give an interview on national tv…well…for the sake of all the people, and for my own sake..i better not..things can get pretty catastrophic if I do..rebel? ah..am already a rebel.you haven;t hit anyone since age 10? I just hit my door few minutes ago..well actually, it sort of hit me..but its the same thing..bungee jump..its cool..remember..do not ..i repeat..do NOT carry change in your pockets… sigh.. they should have a sign or something which says empty your pockets…swim, yea..should swim..atleast float…or carry a big rubber tire everywhere..just to be safe.what makes people shy?good question..lets see…embarrassing situations maybe? or talking about something that they are usually not accustomed to speaking of so openly..be a scholar? ah..no thanks..be a prof..its better…be a philosopher..its best…scholar is..sooo boring. Be a writer(amateur or pro doesn’t matter)…writing is the absolute perfection one can achieve..and thus I am tagged…interesting…wish I saw this sooner…I just posted something a few minutes ago…can;t have 2 posts in a day…no one will read the former one then..lazy people in this world.maybe after 2 days..10 things I haven’t done but wish to do ..hmm…this is going to be a most interesting write up.and oh, next time… do try to notify that your writer’s block has vanished…its tough to keep track of blogs as it is.

  9. >@Vinod: Thanks šŸ™‚ My list of ‘Things I should do’ keeps getting longer by the day.@Hershey: If only polygamy was okay with me (sigh)… Lol! Will wait to read your Wish List.

  10. >thats an interesting list.if i am asked what i am doing for dinner in the morning, i’d say i don’t know coz i like to take things as they come and many a friend of mine are quite fed up with me. :)sometimes i fail to understand why people are so hell bent on planning their lives.@ #2 – isn’t that a contradiction? alone? and two?

  11. >@Dbum: I actually didn’t look at it like that, but yeah, I guess this does have something to do with planning some bit of my life.As for #2, alone, the two of us means just me and my husband and no one else! Not exactly an oxymoron then!

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