>On face value


The advice to not judge a book by its cover has gone unheeded by most publishers who hire expensive illustrators to do the cover pages of even well-written books. Obviously, looks do matter – whether it’s with books or phones, animals or people. However politically incorrect it may be to say this, the goodlooking do have it easy in life.

Compare two people with the exact same IQ levels and competencies. A good looker is likely to have his/her work done faster; they’re more likely to get a better job since there are so many jobs hinged on good looks; and in all probability, they’re more confident people because they have their looks to stand for them. Taking the analogy of the book forward, an attractive book has more chances of being picked off a shelf than a dull, boring one. And a good looking girl/boy has more chances of being picked up for a date than an average looking one.

I’m not condoning this. I’m just observing how looks make a difference. That beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is true, but conditioning ensures that we all find almost the same things/people beautiful. So much for each of us being unique!

Do talent and hard work compare poorly to good looks? No. But looks come as a bonus with talent and hard work. The dilemma most judges at dance contests have to face is when two great dancers are equal in all other respects except looks, why do the scales tip in favour of the more goodlooking one? Why does a pretty child find it so easy to endear herself to her elders? Why is a goodlooking sportsman more celebrated than his counterparts? Would you hate a lizard even if it was as cute as a rabbit?

Often, what lies beneath a face is only tempting to explore when the face is pretty enough.


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  1. >that’s the way it goes..a good face exudes trustability for some reason. studies say tht not me.. another reason for good faces to get the jump startbut over a period of time, talent does take over.. jus like how a book’s cover wither s away…

  2. >i dunno about th dance show thing, but certainly good looking helps.like, usually, you choose someone to work for you, normally, you would tend to go for someone who’s face makes you feel cheerfull.. or, wen judging in a competition, you go for a face that will make a better face in the papers.. I dont think, goodlooking as such will be a criteria, but in cases of a deadlock, its kind of natural.. also, wen it comes to jobs, i think smart looking also is a factor, someone who gives the cheery attitude leaves you more confident in your choice, and two, someone who will make th enviornment pleasant with their presence.I for a fact, never trust moronic faces… bcos, well, it jus looks problematic. and anyway, people who never work on their smiles are anyway trash.okay, this aint gonna stop now. yesterday sitting in church, I was looking at this 1yr old kid, who though was playing with his/her (sorry) dad happily, had a face that looks like its cried and frowned more than laughed and smiled. and i was thinking, the first lessons i would teach a kid would be to smile. always. (i think i was kinda moronic till a few years ago, till i made this decision to be cheerfull, laugh out loud and smile always. and so many people have complimented me on that (maybe thats th only thing theyll compliment me on, though)cheers

  3. >Well…thats the same thought I ran over in my mind some months back and ended up in a post “Unreal Identity”…I am still looking for an answer..What u say cannot be true…Looks give confidence…but the thing is we the ppl make the world revolve on a wrong axis…Thats what i will say…consider a world with no eyes..now where will the looks go??to the trash…But we have got eyes..we aren’t blind…thats the prob with us…Curse the perverted eyes!!Like this post…I am still looking for an answer to these sort of questions…do read my post “unreal Identity”

  4. >@Maneesh: Absolutely right. You know how it is when you like a person – he even starts looking nice!@Ankit: :)@AB: Yes, I’ve experienced that too. When I had to interview some people, I was so upset with myself for veering towards the more smart looking candidates!!!@Jeya: I think it’s true, though it;snot fair.

  5. >Well… what you said is true.I can say that myself.Beauty is something that makes us feel nice doesn’t it? Why ever is there the word “beauty” hmm?Because there is a comparison involved.Why do you have to make your blog template “beautiful”?Because readers like “beauty”.Ingrained part of life.Which was changed in a movie, silently and subtly. Shrek.

  6. >Conciously or sub, I think we are all guilty of favouring if not the most attractive, then the more symmetrical, of faces…Scientific too. They recently found out babies take to people with symmetrical faces more than to others… perhaps it’s because the way we look reflects our genetic make-up.

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