>Writer’s block


What do you write about when you have a writer’s block?
Do you write about:

  1. The weather?
  2. About the political situation in the country/state?
  3. About the Nuke deal ya no deal?
  4. About the week that was?
  5. About the 10 things that make you happy?
  6. About the 10 things that make you not happy?
  7. About your friends?
  8. About the last film you saw?
  9. About your eccentricities?
  10. About nothing at all?

Help. Please vote.


8 responses »

  1. >I think the easiest thing is to just tag urself..but since its not in the options,i will vote for option 8–talking about movies.weather will be too boring a topic,politics n nuke deal can be interesting stuff but not to be done cos there is nothing else,friends ,eccentricities n nothings r gr8 topics but require ur creative juices to flow to make for interesting reading..so if in writers’ block,go filmy!

  2. >rather nothing at all…. oh ya, and i sure am practising th preach now.. hehe.but ya, Iv got a ban from some of my earliest readers against writing pollitics or such mundane affairs connected to our existence.

  3. >1.the weather? really?2. zzzzzzzzzzzz3. Personally, screw the US. they are just trying to control everyone.4. This is a good idea.5. Haven’t we heard enough of these types.6. We definitely have heard a LOT of these types.7. As long as its funny.8. As long as it is not a review.9. Sure.10. you already did this one here.so my vote goes to 4 and 9

  4. >lol..a blogger friend once asked me “are you having a writers block” and I couldnt answer it because I didnt knw wht writer block actually is until I found your post out :DI’d rather think and think upon what to write and eventually come up with something interesting..and yeah tis weird considering my posts after writer blocks are more interesting as compared to the normal thoughtful ones ๐Ÿ˜€ hahabtw, writing tags during writers block is a good idea too…guess ive been having too much of writers block these days ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. >my two cents: i type exactly what’s on my mind at the moment. i mean, you’re never without a thought. you may feel writer’s block but you are still a human being with thoughts. do a flow of consciousness exercise and something will come. if not, i’m down with numbers 5 and 9.

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