>Free – to be


The tricoloured Independence Day celebrating 60 years of India’s freedom from the British Raj got me thinking about my freedom to be me – at home, on the crowded city streets, in my head when I’m thinking, in my relationships and in my spirit. And I thought of all those things that we’re bound by:

We’re enslaved
By our circumstances and our thoughts –
Those dirty little crevices
We call mind blocks.

By cliches and stereotypes,
By words and world strife,
By hopes and expectations,
Disappointments and disillusionment.

We’re enslaved
By our gender and genes,
By silly, mundane routines,
By unthinking families and gravity.

By education and ignorance,
By tradition and rebellion,
By the dirty little tricks
Our minds play on us.

We’re enslaved
By our bodies and biases,

By faith and fear,
By time and year.

By who we are,
And what we aren’t.
By the road we take
And that which we don’t.

We’re enslaved.

Incidentally, these are also the things that set us free!


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  1. >i guess so… anyways its decided I aint commenting on poetry anymore..2days ago, a friend sent me a message with milan Kundera’s words..”The more vast the amount of time we’ve left behind usthe more resistable is the voice calling to us to return to it. But again, it is important yto understand the mathematical paradox in nostalgia; that it is most powerfull in early youth, when the volume of life gone by is small”Tell you what, it just seemed to me a couple of totally contradictory sentences. I told her that, and she was pissed off… did i know Kundera had a fan in her! what do you think about this sentence? i think the “But again” is used by him without any reverence, to two words that have a powerfull meaning. and again, it is more unstability of mind that philosophy to say two entirely contradictory things without provocation.Ooops this was a long comment. but well, you know, thats AB

  2. >@Ab: The comment wasn’t all that long, but did I provoke you into saying all that?!@Dbum: Yes, kind of. We can be free of a lot of stuff that’s in the mind. But then, genes are not in the mind. Nor is gravity or time or some of the other things in the post. Guess what I am trying to say is that we ain’t free!

  3. >that maybe very real devanshi..but its very negative..though i think u tried to balance it out..still ..think more positive..write that way..and trust me..u’ll feel more free!its a tough world out thr..and we all try to make it harder by thinking so much.

  4. >@Nisha: Thanks for the gyan, but I think you missed the last line. I did say these are also the things that set us free. And no, I wasn’t trying to balance it out. Life isn’t balanced, believe me, it’s terribly skewed. And positivity helps. If it didn’t, I’d be totally warped!

  5. >provoke? no… cause? yes… like, you let me open my mouth… youre lucky if i actually stop… i know, not often heard guys say that proudly, still…. and anyway you didn reply to the milan kundera part… i mean, i feel its wrong, and well, you know wat, just knowing isnt satiating the fighter in me… i want support

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