>Have you ever dreamt a dream
That seems more real than reality?
That when you wake up
It seems you’ve woken into a sleep?


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  1. >yeaa.. sometimes it seems so real, that when you wake up, it feels like ur in a dream.. i agree..!!also…sometimes these dreams feel so real that you wish you had never woken up…..at times i have even gone back to sleep just so i could continue the dream where it left off 🙂 LOL

  2. >yeah romantic ones! same. sometimes even i go back to sleep to get the same dream. never works! at times there are dreams within a dream. that is so weirdonce i saw a movie which was a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream. i can’t remember the name but it was crazy

  3. >omigod… that was a question… now let me think what it means!!!anyways, th reverse has happened to me. Iv gone on sleeping, dreaming that I was reading th paper and brushing my teeth and getting ready to go to office when i felt like, erm… peeing.. (yupp, honest)- when i think back on the day, i cant help feeling amused at what would have happened if i jus went on dreaming, that i went to the loo and started to you know what… 🙂 hehe

  4. >the first two lines .. i dunno somehow i think i have written something like that before.. err .. not tryin to be funny but guess am jus dreaming, and it seems like reality.. 🙂

  5. >@MAC: I know what you mean. Sometimes it’s actually possible to go back to dreaming what you were dreaming!@Dipti: Yes! Our dreams beckon us, don’t they?@Ab: That’s the worst – when you’ve slept and don’t feel like you’ve slept because your dream was so life-like.@Maneesh: Really? How strange!@Ankit: Dreaming makes life so much worthwhile. You’re missing out on something!

  6. >oh ya… in fact, i quite often dream about reading the sports page (and these days the stock markets pages) and i even pretend to be reading Rohit Brijnath’s coloumn (ok Im an avowed fan) in all its majesty, and I wouldnt even recognise its a dream… and sometimes, when I wake up and see the scores and all in the paper, I get this feeling it was wrong, because I remember something else, and then ill realise the other image was just the dream ! LOL

  7. >@Ab: Wow! That’s quite a realistic dream. And if you are dreaming about Indian teams’ scores, I’m sure reality would seem like a nightmare.@Dbum: Hmm…maybe, if you read too much between the lines 🙂

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