>Time less-ness


The best days of your life, they say, are when time seems to fly. But when time flies so fast, how do you keep pace with life?

Being busy seems to be a genetic trait with me – I grew up in a house where “Abhi time nahi hai” was used like punctuation in conversations! And yet there was enough time to do everything that needed to be done. That I have so little of free time now, should not come as a surprise then. But when days disappear into weeks and weeks into months, I worry about how little of life is left ahead and so much of it has passed. I hear silent alarm bells going off every few days, telling me to stop and do nothing but live. Again. And stop running.

It’s like a vicious cycle: even doing the things you want to do doesn’t leave you with free time and you want free time just to do what you want to do!

I have a sense of achievement, of course, because I’m doing fruitful, meaningful work. And I have been told more than once that I do not have it in me to do what so many do so well – nothing, if you can ‘do’ ‘nothing’ (it is an oxymoron, is it?). I admit, I love being busy. But I don’t love the time less-ness that it leaves me with.

I know I’m giving up life’s simple pleasures when I give up, however unconsciously, the art of enjoying idleness. Like reading into the night and not worrying about the time that I have to be at work. To read the newspaper – all 24 pages of it! Or trying out all kinds of homemade face packs. Or hair massages. And pedicures and facials. Or spend time window shopping. And getting DVDs of movies I’d like to watch. And gymming, or bloggging, without checking the time for how late it is! To indulge in my eccentricities and do saner things like manage my finances, and relationships, visit pregnant cousins and friends, ailing elders and lonely relatives as often as I’d want to. To travel free and often.

Only if there were more hours in a day and more money in my account!

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  1. >hi,i actlly hav a solution .women r notorious for thiinking n planning si=o hard for something that they end up not doing stuff they want to do..so ,when u really feel like it,just do it!!hope u will,n hope u will b happy for it..!good writing,but bad whining..lol..

  2. >well you know my views on this.. dont you.. πŸ™‚ but still agreed that we have a lot to do and there “seems” to be too less of time.. dont worry u will eventually find time for all the stuff.. its upto you isnt it?cheers!

  3. >Babe!! There is no way you can NOT be busy..even if you stop doing what you are doing and start doing ‘nothing’, you will still remain busy or maybe busier. That list of ‘doing nothing’ state is quite long for you…;)And yes, these ‘busy excuses’ shall not be welcomed for the next BNP meet. You must come as soon as the next is fixed ;).

  4. >well…sounds very much like me…but whn im not doing these things, i am THINKING! :-/ (dont ask me wht…ask me wht not!I start gettin paranoid even bout global warming and uv radiation and tk it as my personal problems if ive covered everythin else, tht is)and tht never leaves me with enough time to sit doin “nothin”…:(but yess cant say i dont like it tht way–the timelessness!!(rather mebe ive gotten used to it).cos i guess have never thought about it being some way othr than this…sigh!!

  5. >I for one, is one who never understood the meaning of time-is-precious thingy. At work, I always was sure that the world wouldn’t end at the deadline. That’s an incentive comes with being absolutely lazy. But then, I don’t live my life in the fast lane; I’m the slow one on the pavement. (There are fast lanes on the pavement too, I have noticed!)

  6. >@Manoranjini: You’re right. Time management doesn’t leave you with any time apparently!@Ankit: Sometimes it isn’t upto us! Just the day I think I’m going to get out of office early enough to hit the gym on time, I have visitors that will hold me back till it’s too late :(@Nabila: πŸ˜€ I know, they do sound a lot like excuses. They happen to be facts!@Priyanka: I used to do a lot of thinking too, random thinking before I went to sleep and after I turned the lights off. Now, I fall asleep in seconds. So no time to think either.@Jubin: It’s all a mind game I guess. For me, deadlines were sacrosanct. I was with print media, and I was taught to think that way. And I learnt it. I had colleagues, however, who cared nothing for deadlines. They never learnt to work within them. I guess I’m made like this. I don’t know how to let go of Time!

  7. >@Darkling: Thank you… Thank you :))) and thank you!@Nisha: I was waiting for that one from someone. I guess I know it’s true. But do you need a will to do nothing??

  8. >oh yes sometimes u need the will to do nothing..becoz the world tells u..and we’ve experienced it as well..that if you do nothing ur mind will become a devils workshop!and so…even if we find time..we try to make ourselves busy…its all a vicious circle i guess!

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