>Tagged Again – 8 Simple Things About Me!

>I’ve been tagged again. By Prince Kazarelth again. And I’m ready to do his bidding again. So here it comes: 8 simple things about me.

1. I’m not a simple person at all. In fact, I’m rather complicated!

2. I thing shopping therapy works. For me. It works wonders!

3. I love eating. But I’m very choosy about what I eat. I don’t eat more than halve the things there are to eat. Actually, my eating habits are painful! They were for my mom. And for everyone else who has had to live with me. But I’m quite okay with what I eat 😛

4. I’m paranoid of getting fat. Of a loose, jelly-like tummy, of flabby arms and a double chin, of love handles that aren’t lovely at all and thunder thighs and a BIG butt! God save me.

5. I think I’m addicted to exclamation marks! All my sentences seem to need one.

6. I luuuuuurve shoes. All kinds.

7. I’ve dreamt about building my own home ever since I was a kid. And doing it up the way I want to. I’m rather house-proud!

8. I can’t think of 8 simple things about myself.


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  1. >Aha! Another chance to go point by point and enjoy a good piece of blogging!And… first of all. Thanks a lot for taking my tag! Second {… and third and so on and so forth}Even I am addicted to exclamation marks! I have been fettered by at least three people in this respect… But not in this comment!!Whee! I love eating as well!! Although I am not fat.. I think I’ll become fat. Heh. (However I do not have a paranoia on this.)Shopping-therapy? HA! *Grumbles something about women and shopping*{Ah. Sorry. That was the latent MCP in me speaking. Can’t help that.*Grins*}Hey! I want a house too… A nice big bungalow with a special observatory, a special room for gaming with the best rig of Alienware (c) PC’s, a HEEEEYYYOOOGE Library for normal books, a HEEEYYYOOOGE library for fantasy and science fiction seperately, a large music-room, a large room for writing, a large Dream-Room… oh the list is endless.Suffice to say that it’ll fulfil all my dreams!And… you can write 8 things. Come on, try! Hahahha

  2. >*Ahem*.. Hehe. Maybe that defines it quite well. *Grins*Er… I think it is most definitely “okay” to say this to a seventeen year old blogger.*Grins widely*Yes.. I found that out… whoa! It does get you all dreamy. I wish someone human could do that after all I’ve been through. Haha.You’ll get it before your next birthday if you come to Calcutta for the next Blogmeet! Hahahaha*Laughs********Agh.. that’s bad. I wish I don’t grow up to be that kind.But it’s a hopeless wish, I know. And I am sorry if that hurt you in any way. :/

  3. >@Prince 1: Okay, the 8th thing about me is that I’m lazy!@Prince 2: I get the first bit, but I don’t know what the latter is about??!

  4. >@MAC: Yes, you’re right, shopping n shoes do go together :)@Lemonade: Really? And yet our blogs look so different!?

  5. >@Jubin: I hate cooking. Food, that is. I love cooking up stories! And other naughty, wicked stuff!@Tanya: Shukriya (bows and aadabs)!

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