>A good memory also means you have to remember the bad things!


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  1. >Yes. You have to. It’s bad. Isn’t it? Every one of those tortuos memories linger on. That humiliation which changed your outlook on life, that insult which changed your outlook on that person, that denial of something you were so sure of getting, that one stupid little blank that torments you to this very day.Heh. I’d go in for Mind Blanks any day. Erasing those sick little memories will bring peace to me. Ah. Yes..Enough narcissism! Bad memories deserve nothing but a post. Forget it. Hopefully.

  2. >So true! One of my favourite one-liners is: I’m cursed with a good memory. Another variation is: A good memory is a pretty bad thing. Whichever way, it’s the same thing you said. But then, I don’t remember anything that I have forgotten!

  3. >not always!memories are just as bad as you make them out to be… so you can decide you will not let the bad memories affect your thinking today…. so all youll have will be the filtered out good memories, or as Id like to call it, the ‘usefull’ memories…I think it sounds stupid, but let me tell you, Iv got a wonderfull long time memory (though I forgot to take my mobile to office today) and that doesnt affect me in my relationships… there is bound to be some amount of happenings which shouldnt have actually happened, but then think, we’ve also hurt others, and we didn really mean to. oh God, youll be totally confused now… still…

  4. >@Prince: Yes, give me a Mind Blank now!@Jubin: Oh yeah! How I wish I could erase a few things from my mind. But it doesn’t happen.@Ab: I wish I knew what you were talking about. Really, I hate myself for not being able to let go of my past!

  5. >its necessary! i dont know why ppl say always forget the bad things.. and remember the compliments.. its just not possible firstly.. and not feasible as well!

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