>Making memories


The rains remind me of strange things: brown paper, brand new crayons and stick-on labels. The oppressive humidity gets me excited. And the downpour makes me feel like a child again. Just as I love the sounds and smells of summer because of the memories they bring back to me, the monsoons take me back to the excitement that preceded re-opening of school after the two-month long summer break (yes, school was fun for me!).

Like the seasons, my moods change with the changing months of the year. And this time of the year is devoted to creativity. I want to dig out the chart paper and sketch pens, the scissor and glue and get working on something inanely creative. But neither the chart paper nor the sketch pens, the scissor nor the glue seems to bring out my creativity anymore.

I know it won’t be long before the ennui of August and September sets in – the months that never seemed to bring any good in life. But I wait for October, when that certain something in the air has me all charged up, goading me to empty my pockets on silly nothings I don’t need.

I move back and forth in time to make a fresh set of exciting memories that would be able to replace the old ones. But creating memories takes time and I’ll have to wait for some years before I can look back at this life with longing. Till then, I can only get nostalgic.

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  1. >If it wasn’t for the rains, going back to school after summer vacations would have been pretty difficult 🙂 You know, back in kerala monsoon starts exactly on the first day of the new school year, irrespective of all weather predictions 🙂

  2. >@Ankit: Thanks.@Jubin: What strange coincidence! It’s so true for schools in Lucknow as well! I don’t remember a single first day after vacations when I wasn’t trying to save my brand new books from the rain!@MAC: The smell of wet mud… mmmm… the airconditioning at home, offices, cars, everywhere are taking that away from us as well!

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