Too fast
Life’s moving, too slow.
And stuck in the whirr of motion
Am I, lost in timelessness.

Seems like yesterday
When I was waiting for today
And today seemed to have bypassed me
Some years ago…

Foward and backward
In time I move,
And stand still forever
As time does move.

Tomorrow never comes
And yesterday never goes
What tense am I living in –
That perpetual no-zone?


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  1. >i liked th phrase on yest was waiting for today, and today… years ago.Its true. i can very well remember what i was doing on new year this year as if it was yesterday. you wonder where all the time in between went. life has been so fast. everyday with its own new challenge. each needing your involvement, that you dont realise the time that is just going past. ha, i was telling a friend that a few years ago, it would seem like we were stuck in one year for ages. and now its just zooming.

  2. >Today seems like an endless ocean for many. Tomorrow… a glorious seashore just waiting to be found out. Or maybe… never will. To some, of course.Why are we always so deeply anchored to our past? Why can’t the ship set sail to this distant land? Where… we set out for new journies?Why am I so? And… it seems you are too…Is it the way we percieve?I don’t know. I am so lost.

  3. >@Ab: They say the best times of your life are when time flies by. But I dunno if it’s true.@Akansha: Thanks :)@Neo: Thank you!@Prince: And like you, I’m lost too. In time and timelessness.@MAC: Yes, I didn’t think of it like that. But that’s also true.

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