>Tagged! 5 reasons why I blog

The Prince has tagged me. And when Prince commands, can his people disobey?

Another first for me in blogosphere, here. Here are the 5 reasons why I blog….

  1. Because my world is made of words, not images. And here my words speak for themselves.
  2. Because as a writer who likes to share her ideas – unedited – blogging makes sense. It helps me be the honest person that I am.
  3. Because of vanity: I like when people tell me they like my blog!
  4. Because I get to interact with people who aren’t judging me. And people who’re judging be even here can get lost now.
  5. Because it gives me access to all those worlds that can’t me mapped geographically – worlds created by so many different hearts and minds and thoughts and styles and people. I love being exposed to all those.

I’m tagging the first five visitors to this post. And hey, be honest!


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  1. >Hm… you have been a good and loyal citizen of Fealdamar! DRAT!! I should’ve put up your number three…*The Prince hits himself*Ahh, well. Your last point tells a lot about you… we are all denizens of the Blogosphere — a world that cannot be mapped.Nice :)***Also — I intend to use my deviantART page for writing things I really can’t post on my blog; considering its wider reach.So, the writings I am going to put up there would be a little ‘deviant’ {no puns intended!} and needs a more mature readership.WHICH does mean that I would be putting up stuff deemed ‘explicit’ by the Constitution of Fealdamar.So, it’s your choice really. Don’t tell me I warned you before!! {And, no. It won’t have obscene words… just the imagery. Actually.}

  2. >i thought tagging was when they sent you mails day after day saying “x” has tagged you, even after you’ve reported it as spam…. for a moment, i considered quietly slipping away, but then anyways i was starved for ideas for my next post. but of course give me a couple of days before you check my response hehe

  3. >Prince: Yes, aren’t all of us writers just a little given in to vanity?ab: Well, there you go… Tagging ensures you don’t have to rack your brains for the next blog post :)superunknown and id: Well, I could only help you with a practical definition of tagged because that’s as much as I know. If you’ve been tagged, like here, you have to follow whatever the tag says. For instance, you have to post the 5 reasons why you blog because you’re among the first five people to comment on this post that I tagged. Got it? andrew: yes, i think it is fun if the tag is something I’d like to be tagged with!

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