The end is the beginning?

The end is the beginning?
Have I arrived or am I leaving…
The world is round they say,
Will I come back from where I’m embarking?
Is this an end or a beginning?

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  1. >Excellent thought there…do not know whether do we come back or not…sometimes probably sometimes not…depends whether are we able to complete our journey or not…we definitely get out of one phase and enter the other…that is the begginning and the end…

  2. >”In my beginning is my end…. In my end is my beginning.”I love these lines of T S Eliot. And I love to believe that every end contains a new beginning. Times and again, we rise from our own ashes.Sylvia Plath is rather wonderful. And yes, I was sad, very sad. But not any more. I have spotted my beginning.

  3. >the end is the beginning – When I wanted to figure out what path I should take in life, I went to the end and asked myself what does the end look like. Once you know what the end looks like you can then back track to where you are.

  4. >It really doesnt matter whether its an end or a beginning as long as I am moving.At every point in time I am arriving and leaving.Would you come back to where you are embarking ?Yes it is an end and a beginning.

  5. >lovely thought, I guess the saying what comes goes comes around or what u sow is what u reap may be true or if look at the other way and the world is round then we arent heading anywhere anyways right?

  6. >@Ashutosh: Yes, I think so.@Nabila & Aas: Precisely. The end of one phase is the beginning of another. But sometimes it’s tough to see the beginning as that.@Andrew: The way back isn’t always an available option@Catch 22: But when you’re moving , you don’t always know if it’s in the right direction.@Nefty: Thanks. I hope so too.@Macabreday: Certainly not! @Monika: Yes, it seems like you’re going nowhere. Or maybe that’s what we wish!

  7. >@Prince: Maybe. But why does it feel like I’m closing a chapter to open another?@Neo: It matters when you’ve loved all that you are leaving behind.

  8. >Oww! This like a chicken n’ egg question? This is not an end, nor is it a beginning. This is a point in time between the two, where were will be stuck forever – or at least until the end. Or beginning, whatever… Confusing? I thought so too πŸ˜›

  9. >Maybe because it is so like the number thirteen card in Tarot.Although people usually associate the Death card with death.But, it’s not “death” in it’s entirety. It is the death of old and worn out ideals. For new leaves to come out.There. You open a new chapter…***Aye. Does it not seem so? It works wonders when it comes to you instantly…

  10. >@Standbymind: Like how somebody sees a glass half full and somebody sees it half empty? Ya, maybe!@Mutant: Thanks :)@Jimmy: You could call it that… I’m confused too!@Prince: But when you’re standing at the point of transition, things don’t appear so clearly, but yes, that’s true.

  11. >Somebody once said to me, the moment you ask yourself ‘What is the worse that can happen?’ and know the answer, or can atleast take a guess, you stop being afraid. Beginnings and ends are often scary because we don’t know what each holds for us and that more than anything else causes the fear, if we can tackle that, well most of the battle has been won, don’t you think so?So I think what one really needs to do is overcome our fears, because beginnings and ends can both be very exciting!

  12. >i posted a comment earlier. did it not get saved(apparently not) . Anyway, i saw ur post, smiled and said “Another one asks the Question again.. ” πŸ™‚ Et tu, Brutus?

  13. >U r a step closer to being Zen!!U have knowingly/unkowingly pronounced the ultimate law that will change the very nature of human existance in Universe.Actually, I came up with something identical sometime ago; this is how i convinced myself that I was right …

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