>Save me from advice spam!

Heard of spam – those unsolicited emails that occupy unnecessary space in your inbox? Heard of phone spam – those unsolicited calls from credit card companies and banks and what have you that will interrupt you in the middle of everything to sell exactly what you don’t need. Heard of advice spam – those unsolicited words of wisdom hurled at you from everyone, everywhere, for everything under the sky?

All kinds of spam are annoying. So you can block unsolicited emails by using the Block Sender tool or some special software designed solely for that purpose. And you can save your precious time from being wasted on unwanted calls by putting your name on the DND list of your mobile services’ operator. Unfortunately, nobody’s thought of an error-proof mechanism to save you from unsolicited advice!

Of course, like the unsolicited mails and calls, those giving out unsolicited advice are doing so for our benefit, except that we can’t see it. Not now, not ever! And yet, advice spam remains a largely neglected area of research. So everybody, right from your parents to friends, to fellow-commuters and colleagues are ready with their great, totally unwanted piece of advice on everything from how you should plan your career, when you should get married and have children, which car you should buy, which airlines you should fly, which face cream is best suited for your skin type, which counselor for your gripe, even what you should blog about and what not! And no, you can’t press ‘Block Sender’ to shut them up! Unless of course, you are one of those who have the innate ability for selective hearing – who can switch off and switch on mentally of your own volition. No such luck for me. I’m waiting to be saved from spam!


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  1. >Okay, I’ll advice you to stop bothering about little things :pLet me quote from one of my favourite authors, John Steinbeck.”Advice is always a giver’s pleasure.” And in another book, he completes it by saying, “You will listen to advice, only when you were going to do it anyway.”

  2. >Oh no, it’s not helping at all. But what do you propose I do? Should I go around hurting other people?And if, by winning, your sanity returns, your peace of mind returns, is it not worth it?

  3. >@Prince: Join the anti-spamming community!@Dhruva: Have tried. But the stubborn ones are relentless spammers :P@Jubin & Musings: Lol! Don’t we all hate the things we do and do the things we hate?

  4. >How about spamming people who spam you..? That’s the best way…people never realise how easy it is to advise and how tough it is to take it…as rahul dravid says in that ad, “advice tho sab dethe hain…point is who you take it from”..:)nice post..!

  5. >Luckily, I have selective hearing. The moment somebody starts talking about my hair colour or T-shirt or choice of career, I go: “What? The coffee? It’s good!” It’s a developed talent. And it helps, seriously …

  6. >@Neo: Thought provoking indeed!@Nishant: Maybe you need some advice?@Andrew: I don’t think unsolicited advice is necessarily criticism. And I’m not going to tell you how to spell that right! Lol@Prince: Thank God! I thought I really was spamming!@Vatsn: Now those are words of wisdom I could do with!@Jimmy: Really lucky you. I’m still practicing to perfect that… Don’t seem anywhere close to it though 🙂

  7. >Great piece. These unsolicited advice are quite inevitable and unwanted. I suffer from this junk advice on a daily basis, what accessories should i wear to match my kurta or what time should i go to the gym…etc etc. I think it comes only from those who find it the only easy way to make their presence felt.

  8. >And now for MY unsolicited take on things:I agree with Kaz… Google rocks. I just set GMail to filter out mails with specific words that I know will show up. I look at most of my spam anyway, but not when I’m in a hurry.And I’ve had plenty of practice in tuning people out when I have to. I prioritize: sometimes, what I’m doing is more important than what someone has to say to me… I guess I’m being a little more practical and less emotional there, but it works, doesn’t it.Thankfully, my life demands that I check my e-mail multiple times a day. I get messages from my friends, college offers and homework assignments in my inbox. I simply sort everything else, somewhere else. I only check on that “somewhere else” when I have the time. It’s a very useful thing to do. That, and automatically moving ALL forwards to spam.

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