>A question of answers

I need some answers and I need ’em quick. Here are the questions:

  • Why is there no cut-off age for giggling? (Please somebody answer that! Please somebody tell the 30-year-olds in my office to shut up! Please somebody tell Aishwarya Rai to close her mouth)
  • Why are bosses never (okay, almost never) as smart as their subordinates?
  • Why do idiots know all the right people in the world?
  • Why are zebra crossings not simply called stripes?
  • Is a Red Light Area called so because you have to stop there?
  • Why do we HAVE TO grow up?
  • Why do fat people have such a good sense of humour?
  • Who says we have to be nice?
  • Why do the rich keep getting richer?
  • Would Adam still have eaten the apple if apples were bananas?
  • Does God know he’s cruel? Is he cruel on purpose?
  • Why is inane talk so comforting?


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  1. >Hey, My friend Mullah Luis found your questions intersting and these are his responses:Because they have not come up with a cut off date for lying.Coz if you smart – really smart, you would not be a boss to a few jebronisCoz most likely they are “front page news or bad news!” We don’t bother any animal when we talk about stripes. we call then yellow or white stripes over here.Adam would still have eaten the banana, as he had no choice – Eve was the only female aroundSome good looking healthy people too have sense of humor – may be you are not paying attention – that’s all.

  2. >1.) Uh. Giggling is bad. I agree. BUT it’s fun when you imitate girly-giggles in front of your Chemo teacher….2.) Er.3.) Didn’t get that question.4.) Mmm. Because, the stripes belong only on animals?5.) Yea. You stop. It means: Don’t go there…6.) GOOD QUESTION!7.) …8.) No one says that.I am not nice.9.) Because the poor keep getting poorer? And because of the Law of Conservation of Money, the positive growth of money should be neutralised by the negative growth?10.) …11.) Maybe.12.) It’s fun. And it releases tension.

  3. >-May be gigling makes them feel young..-Ask the boss man-Right people like idiots?-mmm ni idea-ya..U have to…u cant help it-mmmm no idea again- extr energy to be utilised onlaughing-no one I am not…aahhhhIt is comforting zoc the other one gets irritated!

  4. >1. Because it’s hard to forget that once we were kids, and hard to remember that past is past, all the time.2. For the same reason pliers is stronger than fingers.3. Because idiots don’t bother about knowing anything else.4. Becasue pedestrians are animals; no corporate srtipes for them!5. No. But because that’s the end of the road6. Because everyone has a right to die, and there seldom have short-cuts.7. Blame it on the good food for thought they feast on8. Other people. So that, it’ll be easier for them, if your are nice to them.9. Because they think they can eat money, and save it for a rainy day.10. No. He would have gone bananas.11. Nopes. He’s just stupid like a primary school teacher, that’s all. 12. Because it takes off the weight off our airy heads. 🙂 I was bored!

  5. >I LOVED prince’s answers. And these are gud questions. 1. Why should there be?2. Ask that to the guys working under you. 3. They don’t know all the right people. Just a few more than we do. That’s why we call them “idiots”. 4. Good one! 5. We don’t. 6. Because they are really “jolly” good fellows. 7. All the good guys who get paid to say that. 8. says who? 9. tough one.. but definitely, he would have. 10. Yes, God knows he is cruel, and yes, he is cruel on purpose. SO???11. Ahhh!!!! Why are spas heaven?OK Sorry that was a lot of inane stuff, but u started it

  6. >people who age gracefully hardly giggle it’s the luxury of wannabe’s.idiots know all the right people in the world coz they knw they can never be right so it’s best knw who are right.because these are longitudnal stripes that resemble the zebra stripes.The rich keep getting richer is a neo liberal phenomenon.Fat people are humourus, thanks for the compliment so should i stop goin to the gym to battle the bulge.we have to grow otherwise the questions left would be unanswered forever.do let me know hw much i score in this test.The ques were no doubt amazing and fun to answer. looking forward to another ques paper.

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