The sun in my eye…

Why is it that when the world is melting into nothingness under the scorching summer sun, I can stand under the blue, blue sky and soak in the sunny warmth without minding the beads of sweat that form on my forehead and don’t take too long to turn into a trickle? I’ve wondered whether I love the sweltering heat because I’m an April baby or because some of my fondest memories are of times spend in the summer vacations…

The sounds and smells of summers that are enough to put off most of us in the northern part of this country can bring a spring in my step and put a smile on my lips…

It takes me back to those hot afternoons when my mom and I would pile up in a cycle rickshaw after I returned from school to go choose my birthday dress, of lazy afternoon siestas in the air cooled rooms.
It reminds me of morning walks I always planned and never undertook, that never seemed worth even contemplating in foggy winters.
It reminds me of summer breaks spent at nani’s with dozens of cousins, of little girls – me and my sister – stealing off from the hustle bustle of the house to get lost in the famed evenings of Hazratganj.
It reminds me of summer infatuations that came and went with each school session, of corn cod and cotton dresses, of papa’s promises of ice cream after dinner and work – whichever finished first…
It reminds me of reading late, late into the night because exams were in winters…
I associate the heat with strange things. Like freedom – from the heavy clothing of winter, from studies, from all that was not me and was winter!

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  1. >You are an April baby too?!So is another reader of my blog. Isn’t that GREAT?My Birthday is on the Eleventh…I rather like the monsoon. Maybe it’s not as hot in Lucknow as it’s in Calcutta. Or maybe it’s cooler in the winter. And I got immediate Ice-cream yesterday. {Basically my dad was outside and he called me. I asked him then-and-there if he would get some ice-cream. And now I have the cold. Again ๐Ÿ˜› }***Yes. Well. Check the comments! Everyone {Well, almost everyone} seems to think it’s a crisis. Thankfully you didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. >summer for april babies. No wonder the april born radiate sunshine in their smile. There is even a report which says that the summer heat fights the depression in frosty winters [make sure you have your share of summer sun]. It’s the season of succulent fruit, nature’s bounty, long vacations, and blossomed flower beds, wow!. A season replete with activities that actually enliven the world around. It seems that my april connection is driving me to sing the paens for it.

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