> Guest of horror

Uninvited guests are a pain, but at least it’s a pain that goes when the guests go. Still more painful are guests who overstay because they refuse to go and so the pain refuses to go.

Now it’s obvious I must be beleaguered by either of the two varieties of painful guests to be talking about this. And I am talking about the latter – guests who think an extra room in someone else’s house must be built solely to accommodate them forever. But no, that guest room does look better empty for some part of the year (at least). (At least) much better than being occupied by the same person throughout the year.

Interestingly, all hints of any inconvenience caused by them to the hosts rebound from their thick-skinned exteriors as they appear completely innocent of their obtrusive behaviour. Is it possible not to know how much trouble you are causing another person? Or is it easy to take advantage of civil folks?

Such guests of horror often come with a heavy baggage – of emotional, financial, social excesses. And seem to think that by resting it at someone else’s place, it will go away. Well, it doesn’t and can’t. And they must return home with the same baggage.

They say, we can’t choose our relatives, but we should be allowed to choose our guests please!


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  1. >Ahem. I am very inexperienced in these matters.BUT I am a very inhospitable host. And, worse, a very cold guest.I do NOT like parties. I do NOT like staying at other people’s homes.I do the same to invited friends of my parents.And, yet, they find me to be “such a nice boy!”Bah…Aye. I agree with your last line…

  2. >And if I ever want more randomization, I’ll come to your blog!! :PI thought I had the random blog in the blogosphere…You beat me hands down Devanshi didi. {I hope I can call you that!}

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