>Mind over matter

So we are unique. And unique people do unique things. Like communicate through something as vague as telepathy. Vague, I say, because it is associated with paranormal phenomenon that is subject to continuous debate and disbelief. But as vague as it may sound, it’s as real as it can get! There are some bizzare incidents of telepathy irrespective of the presence or absence of scientific evidence for the same.

Like today’s, when my cook whipped up something I had only been thinking of. Now I can’t claim to have some inexplicable connection, like love-shmuv, with my 40-something cook, not till today at least!

How many times the person who’ve been thinking of calls up for no reason except perhaps that you wanted to speak to her?

Most often, incidents of telepathy occur when a near or dear one is injured or killed in an accident. It happened when an uncle of mine died due to a sudden cardiac arrest in the wee hours of the morning while he was travelling. And around the same time, all the people close to him felt as if they’d been jolted out of their sleep. Inexplicable.

On a lighter note, I remember this slightly eccentric friend from my hostel days who wanted desperately to believe in the reality of telepathy. And she would practice the art/science diligently to get in touch with the man she had a HUGE crush on but found impossible to meet – tennis star Leander Paes! I don’t know whether Leander Paes ever responded to her telepathic overtures!

Frankly, I’m not much of a scientist to be able to weigh the arguments and counter-arguments on telepathy. But I do believe that created unique, human beings have the power to do unique things.


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  1. >Heh. I suppose it’s just a sort of connection due to a prolonged exposure to that person. I’d rather term it as “Brainwaves”. Hehe.It’s not just humans, though. If you have pets {Cats. I always liked cats…} they also respond in almost the same way!***On a more “blogger-ish” note, why do you give unique [NO! I am not saying anything against your current post!! :P] labels for each of your posts?

  2. >Yeah..there must be something that connects to persons, but as pointed by ur examples it happens with persons who have bond!May be travelling waves…Auras..or whateva..they do seem to work!And yes we all have the ability to do unique things!NIce read!

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