> The ‘lost’ cause

Someone’s gotta win, someone’s gotta lose. But if you’re the one who’s losing, does this make as much sense as it does when you’re winning? I guess the Pak cric team would be able to answer that. Who else would know better the price you must pay when you lose – to a willow and your coach dies after that, all the head honchos of the Pak Cric Board resign, charges of match fixing are levelled against you and the Prez of your country promises action against the team for, you know, losing?

Okay, so you play to win, but whatever happened to that thing called ‘losing gracefully’? Doesn’t accepting defeat also take courage, especially when you have given your best shot but your opponent was still better?

I know this whole humdrum about how those who aren’t aggressive enough to win take refuge in the consolatory spirit of participation, but losing gracefully isn’t quite the same thing. Because even if you are a go-getter, you can lose. And how you take defeat then could ascertain your life’s happiness quotient.

If losing makes you very, very unhappy, winning isn’t the solution. The solution is coming to terms with what you can do to win and what’s still out of bounds for you – for instance, ensuring your opponent loses to you. The solution could be to embrace defeat – if that’s what is in store for you – with as little resistance as possible. That’s what I call a victory over defeat!


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  1. >games were never, in the first place, played to “win” or “lose”but when we start equating games to wars, the matters do get serious and damn serious!what was that cricket match in Lagaan which we enjoyed if not for the game but for the subtle war in it?

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