>How to hate the person you hate…

I always said life isn’t easy. And now there’s this dilemma I’ve been looking an answer for: what do you do when the person you hate (substitute with ‘don’t like’, ‘can’t stand’, “wish were dead’ or whatever) is being nice to you? It would be so much easier if the people you dislike continue living up to the unimpressive image you’ve formed of them in your head. Who needs the additional burden of guilt that comes with disliking an apparently nice person?!

Of course, the do-gooders will ask you why must you hate anyone at all in the first place! For people who understand that question, this blog would make no sense. For those who don’t, like me, answering the question is irrelevant and brings us back to managing the problem at hand of how we love to hate some people.

There’s the whole gamut of emotions that you must scan to narrow down to that one feeling that seems most appropriate for the situation. Should you:
a). Also be nice in return, but continue disliking him?
b). Also be nice in return, and change your opinion about him?
c). Be rude, reject his niceness?
d). Wait for him to be bad to you again?
e). Feel guilty you hated him in the first place?
f). Ignore the strange situation?
g). Write a blog?

What do you think I did!?


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  1. >Ahh. Um. Well, I hate a lot of people. And, I use each of those ‘Laws’ against them…The blog, well…Which one did you choose now? {:P}My, my it’s tough. Really tough.Can I use a lifeline??

  2. >it was a pleasure going thru ur blog. learnt one thing and that is hate creatively as u lose nothing but gain laurels, like ur blog did for u.

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