> Silly point!

If you’re feeling like a social outcast these days because you don’t eat, breathe, walk and talk cricket, take heart! There are quite a few of your ilk around, except that newspapers, news channels and advertisers aren’t thinking about you in these times of World Cup 2007 and I can’t blame you for feeling like you’re suddenly a space alien at whom all this cricket jargon is being hurled. Whether you’re at home or office, parties or meetings, why is a simple bat and ball game the topic of all this discussion?

I mean, how are you supposed to know that ‘silly point’ isn’t just what you say to somebody who’s trying to make a silly point, that ‘gully’ isn’t the narrow bylane where your car invariably gets stuck in, that ‘duck’ isn’t simply the bird that children love making out of the number 2, that a ‘delivery’ isn’t used only to refer to childbirth, that ‘economy rate’ isn’t what the Fin Min talks about and that ‘no ball’ is not a physiological disorder that some men would get nightmares of! Really, these are just words that could mean anything, but for the cricket fanatics they do mean only one thing, i.e., how they are used in cricket terminology.

With more nations making their debut in the cricket World Cup like Canada and Bermuda, chances are that the cricket fanatics of the world will join hands to eliminate anyone who’s not of their species. What do you know, the US might be the next to join the league of cricketing nations! But I assure you, things will return to normalcy post 4/28, the day when the World Cup final is played. So till then, hang on there and remember, all this brouhaha over cricket could very well be a silly point!

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  1. >Funny, Funny!!Nicely put. But, it’s the same way the media [and the public, of course] makes us feel during the Football World Cup or, let’s say the recent babble about a firang {Sorry, I just had to say that!!} marrying some Indian. Boy, do I get angry at the media…And, plus, I think the US of A has already played cricket. {It’s still an “I think” though…}

  2. >Wow! I’m so glad there are others who think like that! I mean seriously, what is the big deal about cricket?I knew this girl in college, who had no idea how many stumps they used for cricket or how many players there are in a team! You should have seen the guys stare at her when she admitted that (not a bright thing to do when there are cricket crazy men around!) but what the hell, she’s still human and doing very well in life thank you very much.I think you are right, it is a silly point!

  3. >nice rytin skills ..but in India this pts rnt silly 9 out of 10 ppl know cricket …and cricket in India will nvr come normalcy …… Whether you’re at home or office, parties or meetings, why is a simple bat and ball game the topic of all this discussion?coz here cricket is followed by most of thm its a big sport over here and cricket wc-07 is one of d biggest sporting events …. :)and wht else do u need 2 make it talk of the town ,sorry talk of d nation…

  4. >I think its better to be fanatic about cricket than about Aishwarya and Abhishek or about who’s sleeping with whom or what Kareena says on Koffee with Karan…Lets remember its a sport which brings a lot of revenue to our country, and with it tons of employment too.You ARE a social outcast if ur in India and say you dont care about cricket.

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