> Mompreneurs – by choice or compromise?

21st century women have a tough job on hand. Not only are they expected to excel in their professional capacities, but also to maintain those “inherent” “womanly” qualities that they have supposedly been endowed with. And for all the celebrations about Indian women who know how to strike a balance between work and home, the state provides little support to encourage them. Lack of day care centres for their children, safety concerns and sexual harassment at workplace are issues that women continue to grapple with.

Not surprsingly, women rarely have successful careers, though they might have jobs in modern India. The surge in the number of boutiques and women party planners in two-tier Indian cities like Lucknow is probably a result of this realisation. These are careers that allow women flexi-timings to take care of their families as well as pursue their creative ambitions. An increasing number of women are exploring work opportunities within the socially acceptable ambit of their family businesses. Women are enouraged to take up jobs like teaching, as my college teacher once pointed out, because it gives them ample time to make achars and realise ambitions! But not every woman wants to be a teacher, to run a boutique or to give up a rising career graph for motherhood!

An article in today’s The Times of India celebrates the spirit of mompreneurs — a term being used for immigrant mothers in the US who have created successful work-from-home career models. Imagine, if these women were full time working women, how successful they would be! Working from home is a wonderful option, but why just for women? If it’s as good as it’s touted to be, then why don’t men also give up their plum posts to spend more time with their families? Isn’t this the 21st century that we were taking about where parenting is as much the dad’s as the mom’s responsibility.

I don’t understand why we must continue to celebrate choices women make when they compromise. Perhaps it makes everyone feel better about it!

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  1. >Ya defintely i agree with your blog. The scenario of women in India is in a bad state compared to the developed nations.The outlook of society needs to be changed. And the most significant step to be taken is killing the old superstitious beliefs and customs. People have to be maverick and broad minded.

  2. >Ach. Well. I am still [as many of you ancient adults would say] a child.So, I can’t say anything about my own species.However, many working women are in high ranking posts {And, no, I am not talking about Sonia Gandhi…} Maybe the prejudices still exist in our society about the employment of women in management posts. Mostly because, as you said, women need to manage the House as well. So, the people-higher-up think that women may not be able to manage the pressures of the House and, say an office audit.Good post. Finally, a blog which needs brains to be read!!

  3. >I say men are the losers in this deal. I mean, look at it this way – mompreneurs, even though they manage both home and office, eventually start earning a sizable amount, have no fears of a dragon boss breathing down their necks or even a amorous colleague sending them smutty messages. Most earn a separate recognition for themselves in their circle of friends, family and acquaintences, very little in-office rivalry, petty jealousies. While men continue to slave at deadlines, are dependant at the end of the day on a positive thinking boss, forget what afternoon sun feels like, face continuous complaints from children, and for all of that are kicked out once they reach a non-productive age. Entrepreneurs do carry on much longer, wat say?

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