>Sometimes, when the tides are against you, being unique doesn’t seem the best thing to be! And it’s such a state of being that made me write this poem:

Lucky Dip

“Let’s play a game of Lucky Dip,” she said.
It wasn’t a request, and she led me ahead.
We stood in a queue of blue skirts and ribbons,
In the field where the fete was to begin.
It did seem like the simplest of all games –
You drew out a number from a dark, deep bag,
And waited your chance to get a gift back.
I’d played that game year after year,
Turned back disappointed on drawing a silly rubber,
Pencil or cutter!
I hoped this time, Dame Luck would take my side
I drew out a number with a prayer and a sigh!
A tiffin, pencil box or even a hair-band
I wanted desperately any of those in my hand.
But no different was this year
As the teacher turned around to give me a silly, silly eraser!

Long after those days in school
I’d realized
Life wasn’t too different from that game of hit and try:
I felt God lure me to endless games of Lucky Dip
And turn me back each time empty-handed.
I drew a blank on so many turns
I was beginning to wonder
Who ever came out winner in this silly game of Lucky Dip!


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