>Is attracting men a miracle?

“Anjali was starting to believe that Gopal (her husband) didn’t lover her as much and was paying more attention to his work. She wanted back the Gopal she’d met in college, the man who loved her more than anything else. It was then that Anjali’s friend suggested she use the Pond’s Age Miracle cream…”

If this ad copy is anything to go by, beauty is just skin deep, love even shallower! And attracting men is nothing short of a miracle for women on the other side of 30 (I assume). So much for the emancipated 21st century woman who needs to look good to keep her man by her side and who still derives her sense of worth from the way her lover/BF/husband looks at her! So she goes hunting for miracle potions that will make her look younger, turn to botox a few years later and then wallow in self-pity when age still takes over!

And though Anjali may have seen a miraculous change in her husband after using the ‘wondercream’, what of all those women who don’t need that cream and are still living with husbands who don’t love them “as much”. Ever heard about incompatibility, extra-marital affairs and workaholics?! It happens with real people, you know… Married women do lead loveless lives, even the ones who’re drop dead gorgeous! So what are these ads trying to say?

Can’t we look good simply for ourselves, dress up because we want to, get a make-over because we feel like?

Oh yes, I know all too well the thrill of dressing up for my man, but surely I can’t let my self-confidence hinge on how impressed he is with it.

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  1. >We have begun thinking alike! Thot as much when I saw the ad, rather disgusting! the ad must be meant for all those MCPs for whom a wife is as good as a great accessory for showing off at parties, and those women who think thia how one is loyal to one’s man!!!

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